Today we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of SIGNUM Consulting

That’s now a good two decades of business expertise to look back on in our mid-twenties. Generally, one has gained important life experiences at this age. For this reason, we would like to thank our founder Eckhard Neumann for having the courage to lay the foundation for a start-up in the 90s, which enriched the B2B market with innovative services. At that time, the Internet was still in its infancy. Information on pre-employment checks and business partners was sent by mail, diskette, or transport courier. The fax machine was also an important means of communication. 25 years later, our business has transformed by 100% and the carbon footprint of an order has improved significantly.

We are proud to have successfully helped so many companies build their pre-employment screening concept and business partner audits over the past 25 years. We are pleased to have continuously grown our customer base since the company’s founding and would like to especially thank our customers for long-standing, highly trusting business relationships.

In recent years, we have continued to specialize in the IT, automotive, banking & insurance, pharmaceutical & chemical, luxury goods, government, construction, and recruitment industries and can offer our customers even better solutions and results through process optimization and digitalization. Thanks to the expansion of our team to international 25 employees: inside at the Berlin location and in Canada, we contribute our know-how in the sense of your recruiting and compliance excellence.

In our anniversary year 2023, we cordially invite all long-standing customers and partners, as well as our interested parties, to our new office in Rungestraße, Berlin. We will not only advise you on the best, privacy-compliant implementation of a pre-employment screening system, but will also be happy to show you a piece of our company’s history, present our work in supplier audits, or bring you together with other companies in your industry in the spirit of a best-practice exchange.

Our team, speaking more than 13 languages, welcomes you.

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