Code of Conduct

SIGNUM Consulting GmbH has compiled a Code of Conduct that is valid and binding for all employees and contractual partners. Its acceptance and observance are a premise for their tenure. The principles and guidelines entailed in our Code of Conduct depict values that are valid for all.

Honesty, respect, trust and integrity towards our employees, vendors and clients build the core of our Code of Conduct.

The German Corporate Governance Codex, international agreements and guidelines of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Global Compact of the United Nations shape the framework for our Code of Conduct.

SIGNUM Consulting stands for a rule-compliant and honest behaviour in everyday business. Following rules and norms ultimately leads to sustainable economic success.

Our Code of Conduct provides a basis for strong and lasting trusted relationships. With its introduction we want to raise awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility of all of our employees and contractual partners.

Code of conduct

This Code of Conduct was drawn up by SIGNUM Consulting to transparently present honesty, respect, trust and integrity both internally and externally. n general, we expect our employees to comply with all applicable legal requirements in all their activities. Our Code of Conduct is a binding framework for all of our activities. It defines the ethical behavior of each of our employees.

Conflicts of Interests

Our employees are guided by the interests of our company in fulfilling their professional work. They are encouraged to avoid activities that run counter to SIGNUM Consulting’s business interests or the fulfillment of their obligations. They are not allowed to use their company position or company information for personal use or for the improper advantage of others.

Corporate Information

Information and Data are of great value for SIGNUM Consulting. Hence, those business secrets are protected.

In accordance with applicable provisions, SIGNUM Consulting handles both customer as well as employee data with the utmost care. These are protected from unauthorized access.

A Data Protection Officer was appointed who takes care of the data security and compliance with relevant legislation. SIGNUM Consulting wants to express its commitment to protect personal data by this appointment.


Every employee has to be treated with dignity and respect.
Our employees shall not engage in or support discrimination,
especially not in hiring, compensation, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement based on race, caste, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, membership of associations, or political affiliation.

Our employees shall not allow behavior, including gestures, language or physical contact that is sexually coercive, threatening, abusive or exploitative. SIGNUM Consulting does not accept any form of infringement. Our employees shall not allow behavior, including gestures, language or physical contact that is sexually coercive, threatening, abusive or exploitative. Any form of infringement is not accepted by SIGNUM Consulting.

Health and Security

SIGNUM Consulting agrees to appoint and Safety Officer who is responsible for the awareness of health and safety at work. All personnel have to receive regular and recorded health and safety training, and such training is repeated for new and assigned personnel.

A safe, clean and healthy working environment is provided by SIGNUM Consulting. All personnel meet occupational health and safety regulations in their workplace. They are encouraged to report unsafe working conditions to the appointed Safety Officer or to the Managing Director.

Protection of the Environment

SIGNUM Consulting’s employees are expected to comply with all applicable environmental laws. Likewise, it is expected that they perform their activities in a way that natural resources are used as efficiently as possible and environmental impacts are minimized.

Prohibition of bribery and corruption

SIGNUM Consulting rejects any corrupt and detrimental conduct to business and supports national and international efforts not to influence or distort competition through bribery.

None of our personnel may use the business connections of the company for their own benefit or for that of another or to the disadvantage of the company. This means, in particular, that none of our employees is allowed to grant or accept impermissible personal benefits (e.g., money, tangible assets or services) that are intended to influence a fact-based decision.

All of our employees are obliged to seek help or advice upon suspicion or legal uncertainty about the existence of white-collar crime or corruption. In this case, contact persons are immediate supervisors or the Managing Director. The management has appointed a compliance officer to implement and monitor these guidelines.

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