Are you a recruiter who would like to check the facts in your candidate’s CVs?

Would you like to verify your candidate’s international degrees in agreement with international data protection regulations?

Are you looking for a smart digital PES-solution, which focusses on candidate experience?

SIGNUM Consulting covers all of this and much more. As independent service providers our PES-analysts examine the candidate data that is relevant, abiding by EU-GDPR and international data protection legislation.

The pre-employment screening takes place only if the candidate consents to it and the whole process is absolutely transparent.

As a consequence, PES builds a solid foundation of trust.

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CV and self-description on business-networks are self-declarations. Using PES-instruments the qualifications of candidates can be verified objectively and challenges of the international labour market e.g., internationally varying degree titles, are met appropriately. Furthermore, with your recruitment decisions you as a recruiter contribute important values to your company and ensure the compliance with rules and laws in regard to the due diligence of your employer. In a nutshell – PES brings many advantages:

  • Objective examination of education and career steps
  • Verification of digital documents
  • Save time on plausibility check
  • Remote (contactless), quick procedure
  • Examine integrity via compliance checks
  • Proof of employee checks for audits, TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) and ISO27001
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Digital Recruiting Process

Are you keen on improving your time-to-hire and already working with e-recruiting tools? We are constantly working on automatizing our verification processes, looking for quick and compliant solutions to complete candidate checks in minimum time.

HR departments in banking & insurance, chemical industries, pharmaceuticals, automotive, IT and government bodies as well as job agencies use SIGNUM Consulting’s high level of competence and service declaring their satisfaction with quality and processing time of the screenings.

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SIGNUM`s Approach

Various stakeholders from several departments must be considered to make the introduction of Pre-Employment Screening a success. Departments such as HR, data protection, IT, Legal and works council should be involved.

SIGNUM Consulting supports you with an established four-point-plan for the effective implementation of pre-employment screening in your recruitment process.

We offer hands-on advice and consultation in our workshops.
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Pre-Employment Screening and the EU-DSGVO

Transparency of processes as well as a consent form signed by the candidate are the pre-conditions for a successful pre-employment screening.

Renowned reference clients appreciate our international expertise and the processing of data in accordance with EU-GDPR. The established PES-Online-Portals are audited every year by DAX-companies and financial institutions.

We offer workshops on the legal basis of pre-employment screening, please contact us for further information.

Service Portfolio

SIGNUM Consulting offers all pre-employment checks that are legal in Europe and Germany. These can be combined individually according to your risk assessment of job positions and company departments. It is recommended to select screening levels according to the company’s profile as well as specifying the depth and scale of the examination.

SIGNUM Consulting’s pre-employments screening includes:

We are happy to assist you in choosing the Pre-Employment Package that suits your purposes best. Please contact us.

FAQs for Companies

SIGNUM Consulting offers HR managers and other company representatives answers to the most important questions..

FAQs for applicants

Applicants can find answers to the most frequently asked questions during pre-employment screenings here