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Example Pre-Employment Screening

The development of a process for evaluating applicant data in the human resources area. In the light of growing internationalization of training and careers as well as digitization, employees in recruiting are facing new challenges.

  • What needs to be considered for international university degrees, certificates, references, places of residence?
  • Which sources can be helpful in the evaluation?
  • How do you set up a pragmatic process to meet the growing requirements, also in regard to data protection regulations?

These and other questions are dealt with in workshops & trainings. The content can be individually adapted to your needs.

“Our goal is to empower your employees.”

Karin Giangrande, SIGNUM Consulting

The intensive trainings build on one another.

Among other things, the following modules are offered:

  • Use and necessity of reviews of application documents and information against the background of the changing framework conditions (internationalization and specialization) as well as legal bases with special consideration of the EU GDPR (declaration of consent & FAQ for HR and applicants)
  • Operational implementation of verification requests and database checks
    • Forms of verification
    • Method
    • Analysis and evaluation of the test results (evaluation of findings)
  • Pilot task using the example of current vacancies
  • Structure, documentation and archiving of results

“Good information is hard to come by. It is even more difficult to do something with them.”

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, British writer

Example Risk & Compliance Management:

Business Partner Screening. The focuses of the trainings & workshops in ​​Risk & Compliance Management are on the following areas:

  • Introduction to the framework of risk & compliance management analyses
  • National and international legal framework to be observed
  • Presentation of evaluation methods of business partners and sources to be used
  • Pre-evaluation of assignments: case studies
  • Create graphs, networks / company links
  • Developing texts, capturing, and analyzing relevant content, working on case studies
  • Writing an executive summary

All results are subsequently prepared and made available by SIGNUM Consulting. The agenda and the participant documents are prepared by SIGNUM Consulting GmbH and coordinated with the client.

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