Risk & Compliance Management

You are Head of Compliance or responsible for Compliance in your department and looking for a global provider for audit-proof and sustainable auditing of business partners.

You also need an integrated digital Risk and Compliance Management solution through which international standards can be observed and risks assessed.

With the Compliance Monitor SIGNUM Consulting offers you an innovative digital solution for Third Party Due Diligence preventing white color crime, such as corruption, money laundering or fraud.

Our Compliance Monitor is a digital portal solution and relates to all interested corporate divisions which are responsible for the compliance process, such as Procurement Legal, Compliance Management, Security, and Foreign Trade. This enables a cross-company and uniform evaluation of risks and the definition of sustainable measures digitally and ensures a transparent and timely flow of information.

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Business Partner Screening

How reliable is your business partner? What, if the automated procurement processes are not efficient enough? How can you make sure that your business partner meets your compliance and security requirements? Who, if necessary, checks your business partner on site?

We offer business partner screenings customized for individual cases or as part of the Compliance Monitor.

With our business partner screenings, we check whether your partners are involved in any illegal activities such as corruption, money laundering or fraud. In compliance with international legal frameworks and supported by an experienced worldwide network we go, if necessary, to the actual site (local check) of your business partner’s company to answer your question about them.

Compliance Monitor

SIGNUM Consulting’s Compliance Monitor is an award-winning compliance management tool for the audit-proof administration of your business partners. It combines human skills with digital processes and simplifies your business partner compliance management.


Find answers to frequently asked questions here.

We offer both, audits of business partners through individual commissioning as well as a complete portal solution.

Yes, with more than 20 years of experience and our international network we are able to conduct our services on all continents.

Yes, since the Compliance Monitor is our own software development, it can be adapted to respective customer requirements, both in terms of content and layout.

You determine the content. We recommend standards that can be predefined by screening levels and contain all relevant information, from basic information to the local check, in order to identify risks.

Yes, this is exactly where the great advantage of the portal solution lies. All relevant departments, such as Compliance, Procurement, Legal, M&A, Security, Finance etc. can both initiate orders and view reports. This avoids double tests, saves resources, time and money.

Yes, the content of the exams, the form of the report and the evaluations can be discussed with the customer and adjusted. Here you can fall back on our experience.

Yes, A major advantage of our digital solution is that all measures can be stored with a time stamp and reminder function. This can be done both individually and across departments.

Yes, the reports created are audit-proof and permanently available. You can view it on the portal as well as make it available to other users as a PDF.

Individual orders can be implemented immediately on request. The implementation of the portal solution takes on average up to approx. 6 months.

We think workshops are highly recommended, especially if companies want to implement one digital portal solution for different departments.

We also offer companies training sessions for their employees in the area of Business Partner Screening, see also workshop and training

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