Risk & Compliance Management

According to global risk management standards, national and international business partners such as suppliers and service providers need to be adequately selected prior to commencing a business relationship.

Our customers profit from our long-term experience. Receiving a complete solution from one source with the support of the company’s own software tool Compliance Incubator.

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Business Partner Screening

Business Partner Compliance is an integral part of an effective compliance management system. Using business partner screenings, you can check whether your business partners are involved in illegal activities or have an increased risk of corruption and fraud.

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Compliance Incubator

The Compliance Incubator by SIGNUM Consulting is an award-winning compliance management tool for audit-proof administration of your business partners. It combines human expertise with digital processes and simplifies your Business Partner Compliance Management.

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Through targeted investigations & observations we compile information that contributes to the uncovering of corruption, theft and shadow economy. Our carefully selected partner network enables us to carry out international services in a fast and cost-effective manner.

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