Corporate Philosophy

SIGNUM Consulting GmbH was founded in February 1998 aiming to provide consulting services in the area of economic security.

Driven by a company philosophy characterized by a high level of customer orientation, we strive to meet our clients’ high requirements whilst adding a personal expertise to our services. Both the management expertise and international experience reflect the global opportunities available to us. In order to quickly and efficiently act on behalf of our renowned clients in the target groups TOP 500 and international medium-sized companies, we have developed a strong partner network in more than 50 countries.

Since company inception and further development over the years, SIGNUM Consulting’s management aims to build strong client partnerships that allow us to grow in a sustainable manner.

The focus of our strategy is:

  • Intensive customer support and high flexibility
  • Long-term partnership with our clients
  • Extensive experience in working with international partners
  • Ongoing implementation of international projects
  • High level of knowledge with respect to clients’ global requirements
  • Adequate value for money
  • Targeted staff training and development

Our range of services aims for risk mitigation by means of risk prevention. SIGNUM Consulting caters for internationally active clients with continued expansion plans.

With themes such as

  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Pre-Business Screening
  • Anti-Fraud Investigations
  • Security & Risk Management

We support our clients’ compliance concepts while nurturing long-term partnerships.

Quality management is one of the foundations of our philosophy. Close client contact and regular feedback are equally important as the ongoing training of employees and an infrastructure adapted to quality objectives.