Pre-Employment Screening

Professional verification of CV information

Pre-Employment Screening is an objective recruitment tool for HR prior to hiring. Just like at airport security, applicants for risk-sensitive jobs are getting checked before they go on board. We run the security checks on your preferred candidate’s CV information and verify his credentials with the respective institutions. Our screening supports you in filling a vacant position with the best-qualified candidate - after all, international degree titles, job descriptions and self-disclosure in business networks often provide little information about the actual qualifications of an applicant. Therefore, pre-employment checks can prevent expensive misplacements.

SIGNUM Consulting is your ISO-certified partner for standardized pre-employment screenings, which can be implemented modularly into your recruitment process. Personal data is transmitted securely via an online portal and all verification progress is documented on a daily basis. Renowned reference customers appreciate our international expertise and data protection-compliant processing in accordance with the EU Data Protection Regulation.

Because Pre-Employment Screening inspires trust and confidence.

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Our Screening Packages

Our screening packages Basic, Enhanced and Executive enable a risk-based pre-employment screening process.

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