Pre-Business Screening

According to global risk management standards national and international business Contact such as with supplier and service provider need to be adequately researched prior to commencing a business relationship.

Our customers profit from our long-term experience. Receiving a complete solution from one source with the support of the company’s own software tool Compliance Incubator.

The Compliance Incubator tool allows you to visualize your business relations, screen them for weaknesses and enables you to initiate countermeasures. This ensures safe and effective exercise of your business activity. With our efficient 3-stage approach each cooperation partner gets checked for certain criterions like entries in terror or sanction lists as well as the official registration in the respective local trade registry. If irregulars occur in this step, a follow up company due diligence can be initiated.

For this purpose, SIGNUM Consulting offers Pre-Business Screening, which aims at obtaining relevant business information about a company, its owners and management before a contractual relationship is established or a direct investment is made.

As an expression of a responsible risk management strategy our Pre-Business Screening allows you to make informed decisions about business developments by highlighting possible weaknesses well in advance.

For further information please see our Pre-Business Screening Brochure or contact us.

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Compliance Checks

Providing Compliance Checks SIGNUM Consulting supports you to ensure that potential and current business partner are not on international sanction lists. With our software tool Compliance Incubator customized reports will be generated within the shortest possible time.

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Advanced Compliance Checks

Verifications in the context of the Advanced Compliance Checks take incorporations in the local commercial registers also into consideration to protect you from potential business with fictitious companies and corruption.

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Due Diligence

Due Diligences are detailed economic, financial, legal and tax reviews including analysis as well as final recommendations. These verifications are advised to be conducted prior to the conclusion of contracts as M&As, investments and international expansion.

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