FAQ for Applicants

1. Why does my future employer want to verify my CV?

The verification of personal data provided by the applicant creates a fair application process. The safety of employees and assets is the main purpose of the verification process. The most important reasons for PES are:

  • Creating mutual trust
  • Compliance with legal duty of care

2. What documents do I have to provide for PES?

Signed Statement of Consent and CV, in some cases copies of passport and certificates

3. What happens if I do not give my consent?

Your consent to the processing of a pre-employment-screening (PES) is voluntary. However, please consider that PES is a preventive standardised process embedded in corporate security.

4. Which of my personal documents are transferred?

Your Statement of Consent, signed in your own hand, is generally provided to the institutions that we contact in order to verify your relevant CV information. It is important to prove the authenticity and purpose of our verification request. In some cases, also copies of passports and certificates are required. CVs will never be shared with a third party.

5. Which information get verified?

We verify the data that is considered relevant by your future employer for fulfilling the tasks of the position that you applied for. Usually this refers to timeframes of occupations, job titles, degrees and addresses.

6. How does a verification process work?

Firstly, the SIGNUM Consulting PES team contacts the institutions to find out who is responsible for the verification of the data. Then, a verification request is addressed to the respective person which normally includes provision of the signed Statement of Consent.

7. What happens, if I do not want certain former employers to be contacted by the SIGNUM Consulting PES team?

SIGNUM Consulting will consider this reliably. But it is important to communicate this request early, e.g. as a remark on the Statement of Consent.

8. May PES include other checks which I am not aware off?

No. All data possibly being verified is clearly stated on the Statement of Consent. You agree to these checks with your signature.

9. What happens to my personal data during the PES process?

Personal data is processed solely for the purpose of verification. Your personal data is treated confidentially and with the utmost care.

10. What happens to my information after the PES process is completed?

According to our client agreement, all personal data will be deleted three months after completion of the report. With regard to the Art. 15 of the European General Data Protection Regulation, the applicant has permission to have access to his or her personal data at any time. Furthermore, he or she has the right to initiate the deletion of sensitive data at any time towards the potential employer & data controller (Art. 17 EU-DSGVO).

11. Deletion of personal data

Three months after SIGNUM Consulting completed a final report all personal candidate data are deleted from SIGNUM Consulting systems. In case a candidate withdraws their consent to the processing of their personal data during the screening, the client company must cancel the screening as they are the data controllers for the protection of personal candidate data. Consequently, all checks of the screening will be canceled and documented in a final report.

12. Where can I find out about the status of my screening?

If you would like to know details about the status and content of your screening, please contact the client company, i.e. the company that you applied at. As their service provider SIGNUM Consulting is not authorized to give out information about screenings to candidates.