Honesty is the foundation of trust

The times that we are living in aren‘t only troubling and full of sorrow, but also marked by confusion and uncertainty, just like when decisions about vaccination recommendations (Astra Zeneca) or lockdowns are proclaimed and reversed in within weeks.

On a personal scale the current situation underlines the importance of the security that trust and reliability give our lives. Bearing this in mind, the recent news published by the TV channel n-tv on 30.03.2021 – with the third wave of the pandemic looming over Germany – is even more alarming:

Pretending to be a doctor, between January and March 2021 a man had worked as a consultant at the Covid-19- Vaccination Centre in the German city of Rosenheim as well as giving the actual vaccination to between 40 and 50 patients in the Dachau region – thus, without having any medical license the man was involved in over 1300 vaccination procedures! The whistle was eventually blown from the side of the German Order of Malta Emergency Corps (Malteser).

Now the 49-years-old man was put into custody: He faces up to 15 years in prison for fraud, falsification of official documents as well as assault.

Therefore, especially when it comes to sensitive professions the verification of provided degree certificates, professional licences or references is highly important – and not just during the Covid-19-crisis.